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Opportunities in American Studies for Fulbright U.S. Scholar Applicants - Shared screen with speaker view
Thea Nebieridze
Good Day, Mrs. Aferdita, happy to meet you at webinar. Thanks for Invitation to take part at Fulbright Visiting scholar Program Summer 2022. I contacted the US Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. Thanks . - Tamar Nebieridze
Thea Nebieridze
i am very happy to be a Fulbrighter with MBA Scholarship at the University of Maine, Orono.- Tamar Nebieridze
Thea Nebieridze
Dear Fulbright Team, may i , Tamar Nebieridze, expect to have Internship Invitation at the University of Maine? could i have Job Offer at the CIEE and at the US Consulate in Tbilisi, Georgia Spring 2022? could CIEE Train in USA Program Sponsor J-1 Visa i will have to receive at the Embassy in Georgia Summer 2022? Thanks - Tamar Nebieridze
Thea Nebieridze
Dear Fulbright Team, i hope to do my best as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar Participant to USA, i expect a lot to travel to New York City Summer 2022, Start MBA Studies at UMaine, Orono Campus. Thanks a lot for Support and Help. - Tamar Nebieridze
Thea Nebieridze
I, Thea Nebieridze, think that US Consulate will issue to me J- 1 Visa Summer 2022, could i Have Internship at the University of Maine Year 2022/ 2023? i hope at CIEE Train in USA Program will sponsor me for Internship in USA and J-1 Visa at the US Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. Thanks a lot for attention.
Susan Maret
Where is office hours signup?
Thea Nebieridze
Thanks a gain for webinar. Good bye.