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Liaison Linkups: Alumni Ambassadors as a Resource - Shared screen with speaker view
Jamie Burriss
Hi Michelle, quick question -- should we try to coordinate Ambassador events with area universities (Vanderbilt, Belmont, Lipscomb, TSU, etc. all in our area) or is that something you will handle?
Jamie Burriss
I'm happy to coordinate with them, just curious if there is a preference.
Michelle Bolourchi- IIE
Thanks for your questions. I'll answer them shortly.
Athena Fulay
I can help!
Athena Fulay
Hi Jamie - Yes, that'd be great if you could coordinate/invite area institutions to your event. You can find liaison information online, but we can link you if that'd be helpful.
Jamie Burriss
Okay, great - thanks. I will reach out to their liaisons and see if we can coordinate a couple of events either collaboratively at MTSU or at separately at multiple universities to make it worth the Ambassador's time.
Laura Wood
Could more than one administrator apply for the same IEA award in a year?
Athena Fulay
Hi Laura! Unfortunately, no - you can only apply for one award per year.
Laura Wood
Hi Athena -- I actually meant could 2 different admin at a campus apply for the IEA in a year?
Chinni Ifejika - IIE
Hi Laura - Yes! anyone can apply for our awards but only one application per person is allowed.
Athena Fulay
Oh, sorry! Yes, administrators from the same institution can apply at the same time for an IEA.
Athena Fulay
If they're applying to the same country, they'll be competing against one another, so I would just encourage them to apply to different countries.
Laura Wood
Okay thanks!
Elizabeth MacLeish
I am glad to hear that Leigh has done an IEA. I have suggested this to our deans and Provost, but have not met anyone who has experienced this opportunity.
Michelle Bolourchi- IIE
Hi Elizabeth, we now have two Ambassadors who had IEAs! I will show the list on our website next.
Laura Wood
Are any of the Ambassadors alum of the Fulbright Specialist program?
Athena Fulay
Hi Laura - the Specialist program was separated from the Scholar program a few years ago, so no.
Athena Fulay
We have some legacy Alumni Ambassadors were have done specialist grants, but moving forward, they won't be represented in the Alumni Ambassador program.
Jamie Burriss
I'm so sorry to leave early as I need to travel to another meeting. Thanks very much for this great session!!